Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daytime Appropriate Nightgown

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What I wore:

A Kimono from Urban Outfitters
A neglige dress that look slightly like a pyjama from Chicwish (you can find it here)
A rosegold neacklace from COS where I also got my shoes from

I know that I am the last one to talk about the "kimono trend". I don't like to think of my self as someone to follow trend even if you disagree with me in this point. But since most brand sell things that are "on trend" you are basically always following a trend.
How ever with the cami-dress + kimono combo you are basically wearing Pjs. Not the kind of Pjs you actually wear to bed but the kind of nightwear that people in movies wear.
And I am 100% okay with that!
Floating around in my nightgown all day is one of the best feeling on a hot summers day.