Saturday, January 30, 2016

Video: Gräs|chen & Lieblingstasche Collaboration Lookbook

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So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure to introduce to you and the Canadian, vegan brand Matt & Nat (find that post HERE).
Today I want to feature another young label : GRÄS|CHEN
They're a German design label formed in 2014. Coming up with designs that are both modern and classic with a retro vibe to them, the bags are perfect for the office, running around town or a night out. Since all bags are made out of durable, naturally tanned neat's leather, these bags are made-to-last!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pen & Paper Talents : Sharmaine Sermonia - SHAH MEETS YAWNI - YAWNICORN


Find Sharmaine:

Why do you draw/paint/Illustrate and when did you start?
~ As far as I can remember I started when I was 8, as I get older I just try different media and work what I have. I started to illustrate seriously at the age of 17.